Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ryanair cancels flights till Wednesday

Ryanair cancels flights till Wednesday

Ryanair is cancelling all scheduled flights to/from the UK, Ireland, Scaninavia, Belgium, Holland, France, Germany, Poland and the Baltic States until 1300hrs on Wednesday due to the continuing emission of volcanic ash into the atmosphere over Iceland.

Ryanair flights from Spain, the Canary and Baleric islands, the south of Italy (including Pisa, Rome, Sardinia and Sicily), Malta and North Africa will continue to operate just domestic and southbound routes. This advice is based on the current stable weather trends which continue to blow potentially dangerous volcanic ash across the British Isles, Scandinavia and Europe.

This decision has been taken by Ryanair in order to allow passengers to apply for a full refund or rebook onto flights later this week, when the airline hopes that improved/changed weather conditions may allow normal flight schedules to resume.

Announcing these further cancellations today, Ryanair’s Michael O’Leary said: “This spreading cloud of volcanic ash is unprecedented in Ryanair’s experience, and we are continuing to work around the clock to minimise its effects on our schedules and passengers. Ryanair’s flights in Spain, Southern Italy and Northern Africa will continue to operate Southbound and domestic routes.

“We hope that by cancelling all Ryanair flights over the above affected countries until at least 1300hrs on Wednesday 21st April next, we can give passengers as much notice as possible to allow them plenty of time to apply for refunds or rebook alternative Ryanair flights.

“We apologise sincerely to all Ryanair customers whose travel plans have been disrupted by these cancellations. We have teams of people sending email advisories to all passengers affected by these cancelled flights to give them as much notice as possible to allow them to change their travel plans. We hope that either the prevailing winds will have changed direction or the ash cloud will have dispersed sufficiently to allow flights to operate safely across the British Isles and Northern Europe by Wednesday afternoon next.

Ryanair will continue to monitor the situation closely and will release further flight info and travel advisories to intending passengers on our website at”

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