Friday, January 15, 2010

Air travel by Spicejet means discomfort

The air-conditioning system failed in a Spicejet flight from Goa to Ahmadabad. One of the passengers fainted from suffocation and the plane had to be diverted to Mumbai otherwise the incident could have been fatal. It finally arrived at the destination after a delay of three hours. This is the pathetic state of cheap airlines in India.

On Sunday, passengers of the same Spicejet were left stranded in Hyderabad – they were to go to Mumbai from Vizag but stopped midway at Hyderabad. Apparently, the delay at Hyderabad was due to some technical problem.

Air travel has taken the fancy of the common man after the concept of cheap air travel took off. Airlines kept sprouting up and vanishing – they did away with frills like in-flight refreshments. If anyone wanted a cup of tea or coffee he had to pay for it. Some airlines tried to squeeze in an extra seat in the available space and eliminate the additional toilet by adding more seats. The passenger ultimately has to face uncomfortable journeys.